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Strout, Elizabeth
My Name is Lucy Barton
Bradford, Barbara Taylor
The Cavendon Women
Hoffman, Alice
The Marriage of Opposites
Weiner, Jennifer
Who Do You Love
Evans, Richard Paul
The Mistletoe Inn
Hannah, Kristin
The Nightingale
Flynn, Vince
The Survivor
Evans, Richard Paul
The Mistletoe Promise
Johansen, Iris
The Naked Eye
Mitchard, Jacquelyn
Two If by Sea
Thayer, Nancy
The Island House
Woods, Sherryl
Willow Brook Road
Packer, Ann
The Children’s Crusade
Center Point’s
Top 20 for April

#1 C.J. Box
    Off the Grid

#2 Fiona Barton
    The Widow

#3 Richard Paul Evans
    The Mistletoe Inn

#4 Lisa Lutz
    The Passenger

#5 Jacquelyn Mitchard
    Two If by Sea

#6 Mary Kay Andrews
    Savannah Blues

#7 Randy Wayne White
    Deep Blue

#8 Jodi Thomas
    Rustler’s Moon

#9 Melody Carlson
    Your Heart’s Desire

#10 Kathleen Fuller
    An Unbroken Heart

#11 Denise Hunter
    The Goodbye Bride

#12 Celeste Fletcher McHale
    The Secret to Hummingbird Cake

#13 Elizabeth Strout
    My Name is Lucy Barton

#14 Lauran Paine
    Wagon Train West

#15 Barbara Freethy
    Lightning Lingers

#16 Victoria Thompson
    Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue

#17 Marie Bostwick
    From Here to Home

#18 Meg Waite Clayton
    The Race for Paris

#19 Laurie Cass
    Pouncing on Murder

#20 Marta Perry
    The Rebel