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Weiner, Jennifer
Who Do You Love
Flynn, Vince
The Survivor
Bradford, Barbara Taylor
The Cavendon Women
Hoffman, Alice
The Marriage of Opposites
Hannah, Kristin
The Nightingale
Johansen, Iris
The Naked Eye
Gerritsen, Tess
Die Again
Packer, Ann
The Children’s Crusade
Haruf, Kent
Our Souls at Night
Lansens, Lori
The Mountain Story
Graham, Heather
The Betrayed
Adler, Elizabeth
One Way or Another
Wiggs, Susan
Starlight on Willow Lake
Rendell, Ruth
The Girl Next Door
Center Point’s
Top 20 for October

#1 Susan Wiggs
    Starlight on Willow Lake

#2 Jessica Knoll
    Luckiest Girl Alive

#3 Linda Castillo
    After the Storm

#4 Nancy Thayer
    An Island Christmas

#5 Jennifer Weiner
    Who Do You Love

#6 Wanda E. Brunstetter
    The Lopsided Christmas Cake

#7 Vince Flynn
    The Survivor

#8 Kate Andersen Brower
    The Residence

#9 Christina Dodd
    Obsession Falls

#10 Shelley Shepard Gray
    A Wedding at the Orange Blossom Inn

#11 Jami Attenberg
    Saint Mazie

#12 Brenda Novak
    The Secret Sister

#13 Ann H. Gabhart
    The Innocent

#14 Kay Hooper
    Fear the Dark

#15 Sandra Dallas
    The Last Midwife

#16 Jennifer McMahon
    The Night Sister

#17 Patrick Lee

#18 Tess Gerritsen
    Playing With Fire

#19 Elaine Viets
    Checked Out

#20 Janet Dailey
    Long, Tall Christmas